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Immigration to the Nordic-Baltic Region: New Trends and Integration Challenges


Date: 31 March & 1 April 2016
Venue: Kumu Art Museum, Weizenbergi 34 / Valge 1, Tallinn, Estonia
Language: Estonian, English
Target groups: authorities, politicians, company and employer organisations, researchers, non-profit organisations and experts whose field of work includes labour migration and/or immigration issues in the Nordic countries and Baltic States
Participation: registration has ended due to huge interest for the conference. In case of questions please contact Madis Kanarbik.

The migration crisis is one of the biggest challenges in Europe today and it tends to divide people in two: those passionately opposed to immigration and those supporting it. The solidarity and unity of Europe has been put to the test.

The migration crisis is also strongly affecting the foundation of cooperation between the Nordic countries: the free movement of people, services and knowledge. Up till now, all five Nordic countries have employed different policies for immigration and refugees, but the extensive migration crisis has driven the countries to try and find common solutions. Ministers for Nordic cooperation have decided to find ways to act together in the fields of social and health care, address issues regarding the labour market and deal with the development of language courses and plans on providing accommodation and education and introducing the concept of equal rights to refugees and immigrants.

Estonia will contribute together with other European countries to find a solution to the crisis as migration processes in Estonia are also about to reach a turning point. Emigration from Estonia is still substantial, but it is increasingly balanced by immigration. Therefore, it can be concluded that the overall ratio of emigration from and immigration to Estonia will change in the near future. Overall changes in the migration flow in Europe also have an impact on Estonia and bring different challenges on a national level as well as for the region and the EU.

In this time of crisis that affects us all, we need forums to have calm and knowledge-based discussions about challenges related to migration. The aim of the Nordic-Baltic Migration Conference taking place in Tallinn on 31 March and 1 April 2016 is to consider the evidence and the experiences of other countries and discuss how to best handle challenges related to immigration and the refugee crisis in our region. The main topic of the conference is immigration to the Nordic and Baltic countries and, more specifically - our preparedness to deal with new arrivals, including the adaption process and subsequent integration of the beneficiaries of international protection.

Experts share their experiences with handling the migration flow of people coming from increasingly varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds, starting from the documentation process and finding them a place to live and work to assisting orphaned war refugees. They will bring examples of how to inform citizens of receiving countries and explain the situation.

Presentations are based on government and research institutions’ latest analyses of migration and integration based on examples from Europe, the Nordic and Baltic countries; and the experiences of the public and third sector on how to overcome challenges related to integration.



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