Year of the Vikings on Saaremaa

01.01.2021 until 31.12.2021
Andra Heinat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Viking culture, having been associated exclusively with Scandinavia for decades, was actually much more spread out and influenced the everyday lives of people living on the Eastern shores of the Baltic Sea as well. Saaremaa used to be a geopolitically important stop for Scandinavian migrations and therefore deserves a spot on the map of Viking voyages. In light of the new discoveries made in the last decade, it can be safely assumed that Coastal Estonians played a much more important role in these affairs than Norse sagas and prehistoric sources would have you believe. The latest prehistoric findings show that the fearless seafarers of Saaremaa grew their might in unison with the ever developing warrior culture, which gave way to the Viking Age full of exploration and raids.

Fearless voyages, the spirit of battle, medieval handicraft techniques, special food and much more creates the essence of Viking era. Come and discover those things on Saaremaa.

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