Culture: Artist Residencies

11.01.2022 until 11.02.2022
Grete Kodi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The support enables residency centers in the Nordic and Baltic countries to invite artists for a stay at the residency center. During their visits artists should be able to work on their projects undisturbed, meet other artists and create contacts with the local art and culture scene.

The application should contain plans for at least two (2) professional artists to be invited from two other Nordic or Baltic countries than the one where the center is located. The grant cannot be used for artists living in the same country where the center is located. Funding is available for all areas of arts and culture.

“Professional” means that the person has documented experience within the field of art and culture and/or has a relevant education.

The duration of the residency period is not limited, but the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture recommends that the duration of visits should be approximately 2-4 months. The application can cover the calendar year when the application is submitted plus two following years.

If the application fulfils the programme requirements, the residency centers can select artists based on their own criteria and invite either individual artists or small groups.

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