Opinion Festival: Unlocking the new economic development - the prospect of bioeconomy

11.08.2017 16:00
Opinion Festival, Paide
Madis Tilga (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The Nordic Council of Ministers´ office in Estonia holds a debate at Opinion Festival (Arvamusfestival), focused on bioeconomy. Why countries and companies invest increasingly in bioeconomy? Because, this is the next economic wave. Bioeconomy shall also mitigate the climate change and environmental impact and make sustainable use of natural resources. This is the only way to do business today! The bioeconomy means the smart, circular use of renewable natural resources for food, feed, bio-products and energy. During the debate we shall look into how the bioeconomy reconciles environment and economy and bolster rural employment. We investigate the new bioeconomy business model and describe what is in it for everybody. We have invited Nordic entrepreneurs to share their experiences about opportunities and challenges of bioeconomy. Estonian panelists contemplate on how Estonia could step up the developments towards bioeconomy - what will this demand of society, communities and the government? Come along, listen in and have your say on how to do business in the future, where current trends are pointing us and why certain countries are dedicated to promoting the bioeconomy. 

Moderator: Madis Tilga (Nordic Council of Ministers´office in Estonia)
Participants: Stefan Sundman (Vice-President, UPM Biofore), Tanja Häyrynen (Project manager, Arctic Bioeconomy), Toomas Kevvai (Vice-chancellor of Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs), Kristjan Piirimäe (sustainability expert).

Language: English

Date and time: August 11, 4-5.30 PM 

Stage: Avastuste ala

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