Time Event title Location Contact
20.01.2011 Information day of the Lithuanian Local Government Association Lithuania Madis Kanarbik
27.01.2011 Nordplus Adult Writing seminar 2011 Copenhagen Triin Oppi
29.01.2011 - 04.02.2011 Congress of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) Tallinn Eha Vain
31.01.2011 - 02.02.2011 Solutions 2011 Turu Triin Oppi
01.02.2011 Information seminar on the Nordplus programme Tallinn Madis Kanarbik
03.02.2011 - 04.02.2011 Nordic Baltic Dialogues on Transnational Perspectives in Spatial Planning Stockholm Triin Oppi
11.02.2011 Introduction of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration in Tartu Tartu Madis Kanarbik
28.02.2011 Book presentation: "Three Norse Sagas from Ancient Times" Tartu Triin Oppi
01.03.2011 Deadline for applications for up to 100,000 DKK support from the Nordic Culture Fund Eha Vain
23.03.2011 - 30.04.2011 Write about the Nordic countries and win €1000! Madis Tilga
24.03.2011 Creative Hotspots Tallinn Triin Oppi
05.04.2011 - 06.04.2011 What Role will the Nordic Welfare Model Play in Globalization? Helsinki Triin Oppi
05.04.2011 Smart Specialisation and Growth in the Baltic Sea Region Malmö Triin Oppi
02.05.2011 - 29.05.2011 Nordic Look Tallinn Eha Vain
05.05.2011 - 06.05.2011 Going for Green Growth in the Baltic Sea Region Riga Triin Oppi
10.05.2011 - 13.05.2011 Nordic Game 2011 Malmö Triin Oppi
26.05.2011 ‘Nordic Islands’ photographic exhibition Tartu Madis Kanarbik
26.05.2011 - 28.05.2011 Nordic Festival 2011 in Tartu Tartu Triin Oppi
02.08.2011 Introduction of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration in Tallinn Tallinn Triin Oppi
15.09.2011 - 17.09.2011 Green Growth Festival "Rohevik" Tallinn Madis Tilga