Time Event title Location Contact
27.10.2012 - 23.11.2012 Photographic exhibition shines the spotlight on Estonian Swedes Museum of the Coastal Swedes, Haapsalu Eha Vain
29.10.2012 - 01.11.2012 Nordic summit Helsinki, Finland Triin Oppi
07.11.2012 - 08.11.2012 Seminar 'Drinking water and sanitation in a Nordic and Baltic perspective –common challenges and collaboration' Oslo, Norway Madis Tilga
08.11.2012 - 09.11.2012 International conference on the EU’s Baltic Sea Strategy and topical issues in law and the economy Tallinn University Madis Kanarbik
12.11.2012 - 18.11.2012 Nordic Library Week 2012: ‘Diversity in the Nordic countries’ Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Nordic countries Eha Vain
14.11.2012 - 16.11.2012 August Strindberg’s take on history Tartu University Department of Scandinavian Studies, Tartu Madis Kanarbik
27.11.2012 - 28.11.2012 Nordic conference on human trafficking and the exploitation of the workforce Helsinki, Finland Merle Kuusk
04.12.2012 - 05.12.2012 Conference 'Discussing financial possibilities for Cultural and Creative Industries in the Northern Dimension Area' Warsaw, Poland Eha Vain
23.01.2013 Archimedes Foundation’s Educational Cooperation Programme Information Day Tallink Spa & Conference hotel, Tallinn Madis Kanarbik
23.01.2013 Business breakfast seminar 'Conquer Denmark!' Danish Embassy, Tallinn Triin Oppi
29.01.2013 Grant Information Day in Narva Narva College of the University of Tartu, Narva Madis Kanarbik
01.02.2013 Grant Information Day in Pärnu Pärnu County Government, Pärnu Madis Kanarbik
05.02.2013 Grant Information Day in Valga Valga County Government, Valga Madis Kanarbik
11.02.2013 BUNLED Seminar University of Tartu, Tallinn branch Madis Kanarbik
19.02.2013 - 21.02.2013 Nordic and Baltic classical music industry meeting Riga, Latvia Eha Vain
27.02.2013 Grant Information Day in Viljandi University of Tartu, Viljandi Culture Academy Madis Kanarbik
07.03.2013 - 08.03.2013 Conference 'Migration and Demographic Challenges in the Nordic-Baltic Region' Kumu art museum, Tallinn, Estonia Madis Kanarbik
02.04.2013 - 20.04.2013 Photographic exhibition shines the spotlight on Estonian Swedes Dorpat Conference Centre, Tartu, Estonia Madis Kanarbik
05.04.2013 Nordic-Baltic Literature Forum "National Literature in the 21st Century: Insights and Perspectives" National Library of Estonia, Tallinn Eha Vain
29.05.2013 - 30.05.2013 15th Baltic Development Forum Summit "New Realities – New Opportunities" Riga, Latvia Madis Kanarbik