Time Event title Location Contact
07.10.2009 - 09.10.2009 ScanBalt Forum & Biomaterials Days 2009 Sweden Triin Oppi
08.10.2009 Communicating entrepreneurship in the Baltic Sea region Estonia Triin Oppi
12.10.2009 - 18.10.2009 Pan-Fenno-Ugrian Days Estonia Triin Oppi
14.10.2009 - 15.10.2009 BEN roundtable meeting of Estonian border regions Estonia Triin Oppi
14.10.2009 "Björk - Study in the Nordic Countries!" at job fair Estonia Madis Tilga
15.10.2009 Deadline for applications for the Nordplus Junior and Nordplus Adult preparatory visits programmes Triin Oppi
22.10.2009 Parental Leave, Care Policies & Gender Equalities in the Nordic countries Iceland Triin Oppi
22.10.2009 - 24.10.2009 NORDIC LOOK 2009 - Nordic Fashion Days in St. Petersburg Russia Triin Oppi
22.10.2009 The possibilities for implementation of bioenergy in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania Estonia Triin Oppi
22.10.2009 - 13.11.2009 SISU - a photo exhibition by Jenny Lexander in the Nordic Council of Ministers' Gallery Denmark Triin Oppi
22.10.2009 - 23.10.2009 Renewable energy: new challenges for the Nordic countries Denmark Triin Oppi
23.10.2009 - 28.10.2009 So Very Nordic (Så in i Norden) - Nordic Culture Days Sweden Triin Oppi
27.10.2009 - 29.10.2009 The Nordic Council's Session Sweden Triin Oppi
09.11.2009 - 15.11.2009 Norwegian Week in Pärnu Estonia Triin Oppi
10.11.2009 Aalborg Commitments Climate Workshop & Nordic-Baltic Aalborg Commitments Network Annual Meeting Triin Oppi
10.11.2009 Second Tuesday: Migration and literature in the Nordic countries Lithuania Triin Oppi
11.11.2009 Seminar Tour of Creative Estonia: How to Market Wisely Estonia Triin Oppi
11.11.2009 Nordic Climate Day Triin Oppi
12.11.2009 Successful first time, Vol 8 Estonia Grete Kodi
12.11.2009 EU Baltic Sea Strategy: Growth, prosperity and clean environment Latvia Triin Oppi