Time Event title Location Contact
13.11.2009 Norden at IV Estonian Annual Innovation Conference InnoEstonia 2009 Estonia Eha Vain
13.11.2009 Competency of Women. Business Breakfast at Reval Hotel Olümpia Estonia Triin Oppi
16.11.2009 Presentation of the "Stoltenberg Report" Estonia Triin Oppi
18.11.2009 - 19.11.2009 Gender and power in the Nordic countries Iceland Triin Oppi
19.11.2009 Nordic Forum: The Challenges of the Health Education in the Baltic Sea Region Estonia Merle Kuusk
20.11.2009 - 17.02.2010 The “Let’s Save!” exhibition or environmentally friendly Estonian towns of the future Tallinn Eha Vain
24.11.2009 - 25.11.2009 Urban regions as drivers of networking and territorial cohesion in the Baltic Sea Region Triin Oppi
25.11.2009 The Nordic Region and the EU - on a new road? Denmark Triin Oppi
26.11.2009 Cleantech Venture Day 2009 Finland Triin Oppi
29.11.2009 - 24.12.2009 Nordic spirit in Tartu Christmas Town Tartu Triin Oppi
02.12.2009 - 04.12.2009 Innovation and Creativity in the hands of the young 2009 Iceland Triin Oppi
02.12.2009 - 03.12.2009 Baltic Sea Region Programme Lead Applicant seminar & project consultations Latvia Triin Oppi
02.12.2009 - 03.12.2009 PEIPSI FORUM VII. Cross-border cooperation on the EU external borders: Environment, use of shared natural resources and regional development Estonia Triin Oppi
03.12.2009 - 05.12.2009 ’Björk – Study in the Nordic Countries’ to take part in Teeviit youth information and education fair Estonia Madis Tilga
07.12.2009 - 18.12.2009 COP15 - United Nations climate change conference Denmark Triin Oppi
08.12.2009 Undiscovered Nordic Taste or the whole truth about myth of salmon Triin Oppi
10.12.2009 - 11.12.2009 Globalisation and cultural diversity in the Baltic Sea region Sweden Triin Oppi
16.12.2009 - 17.12.2009 Create. Innovate. Grow. Sweden Triin Oppi
21.12.2009 Open call for projects: Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea Triin Oppi
11.01.2010 - 15.01.2010 24th Week of Art in Tallinn School No. 21 – ICELAND Tallinn Triin Oppi