Frequently asked questions - public administration

How many countries need to be involved in each project?
Each project must involve partners from at least three countries (one Nordic country (applicant) + two Baltic countries or one Baltic country (applicant) + two Nordic countries).

How long can any one visit to another part last?
The length of short-term study visits is between three and ten days; longer placements or training can last up to 20 days.

How large an amount can be applied for?
The limit on accommodation and daily allowance costs supported through the programme is 110 EUR per day per person. The budget for this type of cost may be larger, but in such a case the difference must be covered from project resources.

How much of the cost does the applicant have to cover?
The applicant needs to cover at least 40% of the total budget costs which are eligible to be subsidised.

What kind of costs does the mobility programme cover?
The programme primarily covers costs related to travel (including insurance), accommodation and daily allowances.

What costs does the programme not cover?
The programme does not cover, e.g. salary, printing and translation costs.

How soon does the support that is allocated need to be used?
Applicants must use the support allocated to them within a year of being informed of the approval of their application. Activities divided into several parts must be carried out within six months as part of a single project.


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