Podcast about the role of education in the integration

Wednesday, 18 October 2023

The Nordic countries have shown that the free movement of people is vital for development, providing better living, working, and studying opportunities. However, the challenges of our world today have brought possible migration problems to the forefront.

Listen to the discussion of the impact of the war in Ukraine on migration and refugee integration, the role of education in integrating newcomers, and the Nordic and Baltic countries' experiences in receiving and integrating refugees.

Podcast "Education - the Engine for Integration"

Hear from experts, including Professor Tiit Tammaru (University of Tartu), Research Fellow Tuire Palonen (University of Turku), and Asscoiate Legal Officer Kari Käsper (UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency), in an informative podcast introducing the topic of Nordic-Baltic migration conference at the KUMU Art Museum in Tallinn on October 24th, 2023: “Integration through education and engagement of local actors”.

Sign up for the conference by October 20 (in Tallinn or via web):https://www.norden.ee/en/regional-cooperation/population-development/nordic-baltic-project-2021-2023-for-in/conference-integration-through-education-and-engagement-of-local-actors/registration

Take a look at the programme: https://www.norden.ee/en/regional-cooperation/population-development/nordic-baltic-project-2021-2023-for-in/conference-integration-through-education-and-engagement-of-local-actors/programme

The podcast was published in cooperation with Äripäev.

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