Nordic Embassy Cooperation Programme (NEP) is open for applications!

Sunday, 18 February 2024

Funding scheme for Nordic embassies and diplomatic missions outside of the Nordic region will be open for applications from February 19th. The co-operation is an important resource to promote and inform about Nordic values, solutions, and cooperation of common interest to the Nordic countries.

About the Nordic Embassy Cooperation Programme (NEP)

The Nordic Embassy Cooperation Programme aims to promote cooperation among Nordic embassies and diplomatic missions in the world in line with the Nordic Council of Ministers Our vision 2030.

To achieve the objectives of the vision, the funding is aimed at supporting projects with a clear connection to one or more of the strategic priorities of Our vision 2030: a green Nordic region, a competitive Nordic region, and a socially sustainable Nordic region.'

Results from 2023

15 applications from all over the world were approved for granting with a total budget of 423 000 euros confirmed in this first round. In addition, all applicants have been provided detailed feedback on their applications, in order to encourage new applications with improvements, if needed.

All regions of the world were well covered among the applications submitted, and among the successful applications. The statistical results of all participating countries embassies in projects supported by the programme in 2023 are following: Denmark (16) was most active, followed by Norway (8), Finland, (6), Iceland (1).

The successful projects included a wide range of fields with activities ranging from seminars against corruption, podcast production on tech start-ups, mobile literature buses, environmental activities for clean water, smart city developments activities, cultural celebrations, music production with a focus on female artists, family day events with interactive agenda points, empowerment of women in the political and economic fields and much more.

As an example, one of the successful applications was a project titled “InnoCity Connect” from South-Korea, which aims to sustain successful collaboration between Nordic countries and South Korea to pave the way for net-zero emissions cities through digital solutions. To achieve the results smart city solutions and global challenges in terms of urban planning are brought into focus by connecting Nordic smart cities to Korean challenges, promoting Nordic values and solutions, supporting knowledge exchange and fostering collaboration.


It is possible to apply for grants for both small and larger projects with a budget of at least 5.000 EUR and no greater than 45.000 EUR.

  • Small grants may support one-time events, single activities or alike.
  • Medium- to large scale grants may support multiple events, series of activities or in support of advocacy of relevant agendas related to Our vision 2030 Our vision 2030 over the course of up to one, two years in some cases

Who can apply

Nordic Embassy Cooperation Programme is available to all Nordic embassies and diplomatic missions outside of the Nordic region.

How to apply

  • The electronic application system at is open from February 19th 2024.
  • Please read the guidelines carefully and start formulating your projects in good time, that will ensure that we can respond to any possible questions or concerns in due time.
  • Register or log in if you are already a user of the NEP-programme and start compiling the application - please note that you can fill in the application step by step up to the deadline.
  • Do not forget to submit your application before the deadline - April 3rd 13:00 p.m. EET!

More information about the programme and further guidelines for applying can be found at the application portal of the NEP-programme:

For any questions or concerns please contact the NEP-Grants Programme administrator:

KIK06999 Merilin

Merilin Kolk

Adviser, Nordic Council of Ministers´ Office in Estonia

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +372 5855 1207

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