Women in the cyber world and why do we need them there?

Thursday, 29 February 2024

Experiences from the Nordics have shown that diverse companies are more innovative and creative, and their market share and profitability are higher. If an organization, company or field is homogenous in nature, you will always get similar solutions to every problem and same results from any new business opportunity that arises. Of course, it's good and easy to be with like-minded people, but only as long as you have to stand next to competitors who have new creative solutions. Then the winners are others.

In this podcast episode, we talk about the lack of diversity in cyber security space, and the problems it creates. Are they solvable? Is there anything to gain for the tech industry from inclusion of women? How to solve the challenge of including more women to the field through the education system?

The changing of the public image of the sector in Estonia and in Denmark are discussed by Linda Mostrup Pedersen, leading partner of the Nordic-Baltic CyberSkills Think Tank and the founder of Happy42, Kätlin Koemets, CEO of CTF Tech and a head organiser of Cyber Battle 2024, Holger Haljand, CEO of Telia Eesti and co-organiser of Cyber Battle 2024, and Miia Isabel Anipai, a young woman in IT and mixed team finalist of Cyber Battle 2023. The episode was hosted by Äripäev journalist Tarmo Virki.

Listen to the podcast here

The podcast is part of the series "Nordic Sustainable Future".

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