Young politicians from the Baltic States, Belarus and the Nordic countries discuss the improvement of freedom of movement

Thursday, 08 July 2010

Yound politicians from the Nordic countriesYoung politicians from the Baltic States, Belarus and the Nordic countries meet in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius on 3 and 4 June to discuss how to increase the impact of young people in facing the social challenges and enforce their opinions via Internet and social media.

"Belarus and the Baltic States are our near neighbours, but our societies are still very different, and young people [in these countries] do not have the same opportunities," Minna Lindberg, President of the Nordic Youth Council, says. "It is important for us as young politicians to meet, learn from each other, share our experiences and build networks for the future."In addition to improved freedom of movement, young politicians also discuss visa regulations.

Experienced politicians from Belarus, the Baltic States and the Nordic countries have been meeting on a regular basis for several years. A major objective of the meetings of both young and experienced politicians is to support Belarus becoming a more democratic country.

In March this year, members of the Nordic Council and the Baltic Assembly met in Minsk with representatives of both the government and opposition for a round table discussion to talk about problems and present the opportunities offered by the EU Baltic Sea Strategy.

"We hope that, in time, Belarus will become part of the European democratic family and join the European Convention on Human Rights," says Helgi Hjörvar, President of the Nordic Council. "Work with the development of democracy in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania after the Iron Curtain was raised has turned out to be some of the most tangible, relevant and meaningful work the Nordic Council has done. This work has resulted in good contacts at both the governmental and parliamentary levels."

The Nordic countries support the democratisation of Belarus, inter alia, by financing the European Humanities University in Vilnius.

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