Partners of the Innovation Year

Monday, 04 October 2010

The Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia has been invited to become a partner of the Estonian Year of Innovation. The Year of Innovation team has more than 150 partners who will be arranging innovation-related training events, conferences, competitions and acts of recognition throughout 2009, as well as debating the latest innovations, developing new services, hosting think tanks and writing stories.

The site will be a place for exchanging ideas and launching projects, and organisations will also be able to gauge the views of consumers in terms of the development of new products and services.

How does the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office fit into this context?

The creative industries lecture series is already unrolling its 4th lecture. The previous well-received lectures have probed the mechanisms of the creative industries in Sweden and the anatomy and life cycle of festivals, as well as showcasing the intersection of the creative industries and jewellery art. Now in June, the issue of Public Service Media confrontations to new media behaviours will be addressed.

The career and education portal "Björk - study in the Nordic countries" has gained popularity in the Baltic states as well as in north-west Russia. Accessible in five languages, the portal provides concrete offers in the field of higher, vocational, and high school education as well as life-long learning. The focus is on promoting e-learning opportunities. Hereby, we do our part in advancing the innovative spread of knowledge and education.

Communicating Entrepreneurship is designed to commence multilateral co-operation between educational and research institutions and the private sector in the Baltic Sea region. In the first phase, cultural factors that either facilitate or hamper trans-boundary entrepreneurship were studied. A conference on mutually underpinning developments in business and education is scheduled for autumn.

In addition, autumn brings along innovative Nordic energy solutions. We acknowledge and advocate sustainable energy solutions and the sustainable use of natural resources.

The political agreement between the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Baltic governments established the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme in the fields of public administration, culture and business. People from the Nordic and the Baltic countries are eligible to apply.

The Nordic Region has international commitment and responsibility. The focus is on partnership with other countries and international bodies on issues of mutual interest.

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