Creative Industries

Friday, 01 October 2010

The Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia is kicking off a creative industries lecture series. At least five lectures have been scheduled for the first half of 2009. The aim is to introduce and showcase various aspects and economically viable examples of creative industries in the Nordic countries.

The lectures will cover at least game industry, fine and applied arts, festivals, media and fashion.

The series is to be inaugurated by project director Anders Sjöstedt from the Swedish creative industries.

Creative industries in Sweden

Design, fashion, food culture, tourism, music, film, media, the virtual sphere, festivals, theatre, literature - i.e. creative industries. We will hear about how meeting places are created in Sweden to unite different parties and achieve economic success, how creative industries are supported, and what the most successful models in different spheres are. The lecture will end with a discussion on what Estonia can learn from Sweden and the Nordic countries in order to develop its creative industries.

What's creative industries?

The phrase creative industries (or sometimes creative economy) refers to a set of interlocking industry sectors, and are often cited as being a growing part of the global economy. The creative industries are often defined as those that focus on creating and exploiting intellectual property products; such as music, books, film, and games, or providing business-to-business creative services such as advertising, public relations and direct marketing. Aesthetic live performance experiences are also generally included, contributing to an overlap with definitions of art and culture, and sometimes extending to include aspects of tourism and sport. Economic activities focussed on designing, making and selling objects or works of art such as jewellery, haute couture, books of poetry or other creative writing, or fine art also often feature in definitions of the sector because the value of such objects derives from a high degree of aesthetic originality.

  • Creative industries is an economy sector based on individual and collective creativity, skills and talent, capable of generating welfare and jobs through the creation and consumption of intellectual property.
  • The Estonian poet and culture critic Kalev Kesküla has argued that these products and services are also definable as identity building brands.

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