Nordic Forum focused on best solutions for disabled children

Friday, 01 October 2010

The Conference "Social Well-being of a Disabled Child" held in Tartu on March 15 - 16 was a great success for both organizers and participants. More than 200 people gathered to the seminar in the auditorium of the Estonian University of Life Sciences, so a serious discussion was expected leading to many fresh ideas. Different speakers in the first Panel gave a full picture of disabled children's situation from the point of view of parents, children and officials. The comparison with the Nordic countries was equally important.

The conference was one of the most compendious and comprehensive in recent years and included discourses from professionals who work in areas like social welfare and rehabilitation as well as officials from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and parents from Estonia. The discourses specified the rights and expectations of, education, as well as counselling and technological facilities for disabled children and how the Estonian government could support them in the future.

This time the Nordic Forum was held in accordance with the Nordic and Baltic cooperation program “Disabled Children and their Families”.

The main idea of the Forum was to find solutions on how to make disabled children's life better based on Nordic and Estonian experiences. The participants discussed the cooperation between the Estonian national and local institutions as well as between rehabilitation and welfare services.

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