The Nordic Library Week

Friday, 01 October 2010

The theme of the Nordic Library Week 2008 is “Kärlek till Norden” / “Love for the Nordic countries”. In Estonia some 20 libraries in various parts of the country are participating in the event. The theme is about the relationship between the Nordic inhabitants and the countries and nature they live in. The texts chosen for children are among others by the Icelandic author Guðrún Helgadóttir. The text for adults is written especially for the occasion by the famous Finnish author Eeva Kilpi.

The idea behind the week is to promote the mutual Nordic culture references, and the Nordic literature especially. From the very beginning the week has been opened with a special ceremony; the electric lights are switched off, the candles are lit and the same text is read out loud, at the same moment in all of the participating libraries. The Swedish title of the week, Kura skymning, is referring to the twilight time of the day, and the old ancient story-telling tradition; in the twilight when it was too dark to keep on working, the people gathered together and listened to stories.

Every year has had its own theme, which has been used as background when looking for suitable texts. For the last six years there has been a text chosen both for adults and children.

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