Nature and Environment Prize 2008 goes to Iceland

Friday, 01 October 2010

Marorka in Iceland has been named as the winner of the DKK 350,000 Nordic Council's Nature and Environment Prize 2008. The theme for this year's prize was 'Less energy consumption with better tools given to a Nordic product, invention or service which has contributed to reducing energy consumption in the community'.

The Adjudication Committee’s motivation: "Marorka has been awarded the prize for having developed IT tools which will significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions in shipping. Marorka has managed to combine research and product development in an exemplary way which will have a positive influence on climate in a long-term perspective. In addition, the product has become profitable in industrial production. In the international environmental debate the shipping industry has recently been identified as a serious source of emissions. Marorka's innovation will contribute to reducing this global problem."

Marorka develops and produces various systems for energy control and fuel production for shipping. The company is also involved in energy research for the industry. Their systems are both energy saving and contribute to reduced emissions. Marorka has worked with leading shipping companies in the Nordic countries and the rest of the world. This project is the result of a number of successful research projects with Icelandic and Nordic funding.

Marorka's products are a practical example of research which has become profitable for both the industry and the environment. The innovation will result in a marked reduction of CO2 emissions, amongst other things. This is of particular importance in the northern marine areas where shipping is expected to increase radically in the years to come.

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