Communicating Entrepreneurship in the Baltic Region

Friday, 01 October 2010

Gotland University has organised a summer course for students interested in cross-cultural communication in the Baltic region. The course will run from 11th - 15th of August 2008, and held in Gotland. The course places a special emphasis on entrepreneurship and international business, and is a part of a larger Nordic Council of Ministers project.

There will be lectures and seminars on: business in an international setting; cross-cultural communication, identity and conflict; body language, misunderstandings and “mindfulness”; the role played by the surrounding landscape and city settings in 'mindscapes'. The Gotland course looks at what is a complex, interdisciplinary field, and examines the concept of entrepreneurship within the current cultural diversity of the Baltic region.

Students are expected to participate actively throughout the week and to complete the necessary and recommended reading. Upon successfully completing the course, students will receive a certificate of attendance and completion.

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