New Nordic Food provides Nordic flavours and a little food for thought

Friday, 01 October 2010

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia is to host a series of events introducing Nordic culinary culture which will also highlight the significant role food can play in a broader international context. Under the theme of ‘New Nordic Food: Food as an asset in times of globalisation’, Swedish food ethnologist, Professor Richard Tellström, will give a lecture on Nordic food culture, the links between politics and food, and also the features of the common Nordic food programme: New Nordic Food.

For those people of an eager practical persuasion, a cooking masterclass on Nordic food will also be arranged. Food ethnologist and Scholar of Culinary Arts at the Swedish Örebro University, Professor Richard Tellström will give his first lecture at the wine club SHAH on Wednesday, March 12 at 4 pm. He will focus on the Nordic food culture, connotations of food for other realms of economical and societal life and how food is being used as a tool for political ends.

Nordic snacks will be provided by five distinguished Estonian chefs who recently gained experience in some of the very best Nordic restaurants.

Admission free. Registration required.

Professor Tellström will also address the same topics during the dinner at the restaurant Senso in the hotel Olümpia on Thursday, March 13 at 7 pm.

Admission is charged according to the cost of the dinner. Registration is required.

The masterclass on preparing Nordic food will be conducted by Mr. Veiko Ruukel (chef of the Karl Friedrich) and Mr. Andrei Šmakov (chef of the Kadriorg.) on Monday, March 17 at the Tallinna Teeninduskool

Furthermore, Nordic flavours will appear on the menus of the following restaurants: Aed; Karl Friedrich; Novell and Kadriorg.

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