Charity Concert NORDFEST - Music Confronts HIV/AIDS

Friday, 01 October 2010

The charity concert Nordfest stages five Nordic youth rock bands in Tallinn at Patarei prison. The concert will kick off August 25 at 4 pm and continue until 10 pm. The proceeds from the ticket sales and all other donations will be directed to producing a film for schools on HIV/AIDS.

For the first time ever The Amaranths - Denmark; The Micragirls - Finland; Reykjavik - Iceland; Heroes&Zeros - Norway and I love You baby - Sweden will perform in front of a wider Estonian audience. Sven Bjødstrup from The Danish Embassy in Tallinn, one of the initiators of the concert, says that the idea for making the concert followed an Embassy visit to the former prison, Patarei. Today, the prison is striving to establish itself as a cultural platform and as such could serve as an excellent and unique venue for a rock concert".

The prison has played a certain role in the history of Estonia and shouldn't be fall into oblivion"," Bjødstrup adds. "We decided to raise money for HIV/AIDS prevention because young people are at risk, they are the ones experimenting with their sexuality. Also, injected drugs is a major problem", says Carita Pettersson, director of the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Estonia. "The Nordic countries are used to co-operating on issues like infectious diseases, a fact that may make a difference" says Pettersson. The idea of such an undertaking was from the very start dynamically supported by The National Institute for Health Development in Estonia, TAI. TAI has also contributed to the implementation of the project. As for broadcast time and practicalities, this will all be professionally taken care of by the rock music radio-station Mania. The concert was made possible with a generous donation from Hansapank, who supports the idea of combining a youth cultural event and the fight against a deadly disease.

The event is hosted by Tanel Tatter.

The presale tickets will cost 50 EEK can be purchased at Piletilevi from July 9 onwards. Tickets at the gate will cost 100 EEK. The gates of the concert venue at Patarei prison (Kalaranna 2) will open one hour before the concert starts.


Team: The Embassies of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland; The National Institute for Health Development; Radio Mania; Patarei prison; The Finnish Institute; The Danish Cultural Institute; Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia (NORDEN)

For further media requests:

General issues - Sven Bjødstrup 6 306 400 / Madis Tilga 527 5208

HIV/AIDS prevention - Ann Virkus, 5669 2205

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