Trivimi Velliste handed Carl Bildt the annual award of the Baltic Assembly

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Carl Bildt and Trimivi VellisteYesterday in Reykjavik at the Swedish embassy Trivimi Velliste handed to Carl Bildt, the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, the annual award of the Baltic assembly for his services in strengthening the unity and cooperation of the Baltic States.

Ministers and representatives of the Nordic countries - Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland - were gathered for a summit meeting in Reykjavik from 2 to 4 November 2010. Representatives of the Baltic Assembly were invited to participate as observers in the annual Nordic summit meeting with the goal to discuss and support cooperation between the Nordic countries and the Baltic States.

At this year's summit meeting ministers and representatives will consider the new Wise Men's Report which was completed at the end of the summer and will make a proposal to deepen cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic region.