Matthias Matthiasson to the Estonian daily Postimees: We are not turning boys into girls

Wednesday, 05 September 2012
Matthias Matthiasson. Photo: Tõnis Riisalu Matthias Matthiasson. Photo: Tõnis Riisalu

Matthias Matthiasson has worked at the Icelandic education organisation Hjallastefnan since it was founded. He told Sigrid Kõiv from the Estonian daily Postimees that he fails to see the point of gender neutral nursery schools. However, if you have boys and girls in different groups, they both see the other gender in a much friendlier light.

Matthiasson introduced the Hjalli pedagogy at the first Nordic-Baltic creativity forum "Creativity changes the world" on the Estonian island Naissaar on August 28-29. Find out more about the event (presentations, phptos, etc) here.

About 100 teachers, school principals, educationalists and persons active in the field of culture teaching and inspiring children from the Nordic and Baltic countries attended the forum.

Find out more about the Hjalli pedagogy on the Hjallastefnan webpage. The entire interview with Matthiasson in English can be downloded here.

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