Tartu prepares for unique youth creativity festival

Tuesday, 26 August 2014
CAMP 2013 in Pärnu, Estonia. Photo: norden.ee CAMP 2013 in Pärnu, Estonia. Photo: norden.ee

A gathering is due to take place in Tartu this week which will see youth workers and maths teachers from different countries come together to prepare for the C.A.M.P. youth festival, which will begin in October. The festival unites maths with music, extreme sports and other activities of interest to young people. The initiative behind the festival came from the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia.

C.A.M.P. – which stands for 'Creative Action, Meaningful Performance' – is a festival designed to open up the minds and world views of young people. It draws together fields that at first seem entirely unrelated and incompatible to create something completely new. The Estonian office of the Nordic Council of Ministers took its inspiration for the school-related project from the Finnish youth festival 'Kulturkarnevalen'. The first C.A.M.P. event was held in Estonia in Pärnu in 2013, where general education and youth work were combined – attendees learning about art through biology and maths, about recycling through history and more.

The Tartu project will focus on finding creative and innovative approaches in the teaching of maths so as to showcase its importance in life. To this end, methods and approaches used in education and youth work will be combined – interweaving, for example, maths and extreme sports and maths and music. Youngsters from Tartu and further afield will be involved in creating and testing the methods.

This week's meeting will see the development of the concepts and methods for the workshops and final event of the festival. Practical issues related to the event will also be discussed.

In addition to youth workers, interest group leaders and maths teachers from Tartu, the meeting will be attended by youth specialists from Norway, Finland and Latvia, with 23 people attending in total. The venue for the meeting will be the Flower Building.

The main event – the C.A.M.P. festival – will be held in Tartu from 19-24 October.

The following workshops will be held as part of the festival: 'Maths and drama', 'Maths and meteorology', 'Maths and the media', 'Maths and music', 'Maths and dance' and 'Maths and extreme sport'. Young people from Tartu and abroad will contribute their expertise to the workshops. Participants will also enjoy a varied recreational programme, while the closing event – the Grande Performance, to which everyone is invited – will look back on everything that has taken place at the festival.

The project is being financed by Erasmus +, the City of Tartu and the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia.

Read more about the first C.A.M.P. in Estonia here.

Tartu Postimees article from 27 August 2014: Festival seletab noortele matemaatikat / Festival to explain maths to youngsters/ (in Estonian)

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