Põhjarannik: Teachers encouraged to make fools of themselves at creativity forum in Illuka

Thursday, 27 August 2015
Jeroen Carelse. Jeroen Carelse. Photo: Irina Vassiljeva/norden.ee

"Raised in the Netherlands, OÜ Carelse analyst and designer Jeroen Carelse, who also works as a lecturer at Finland's Aalto University, is investigating how to bring creativity back to the education system and into everyday activities in schools. In Illuka he spoke about this to more than a hundred teachers from Estonian schools and also conducted a practical creativity studio," writes Sirle Sommer-Kalda in the Põhjarannik newspaper on 27 August.

You can continue reading the article (in Estonian) here.

The organisers of the fourth Nordic-Baltic creativity forum, entitled 'Creativity creates security', were aiming to boost the feeling of security among people living in the region by promoting creativity in educational environments. Worrying events globally have shown that more attention needs to be turned to fostering a sense of security. This year's presentations, discussions and creativity studios therefore focussed on generating a sense of security internally, in school work and at school. Around a hundred teachers and school directors interested in recognising creativity and supporting its expression attended the forum.

A summary of the creativity forum can be found here.

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