328 Nordic-Baltic public sector workers gain more experience with the aid of Mobility Programme for Public Administration

Thursday, 01 June 2017
328 Nordic-Baltic public sector workers gain more experience with the aid of Mobility Programme for Public Administration

The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration has allocated 304,671 euros in support to a total of 61 projects for 2017. The largest amount allocated to a single project is 9000 euros, while the smallest amount is 1200 euros.

The programme received 80 applications for a total of 497,936 euros this year. The highest number of applications was submitted from Lithuania (33), followed by Latvia (26) and Estonia (20).

“Since each project has to involve partners from at least three countries, all of the Nordic countries and Baltic States are well and evenly represented,” said programme coordinator Madis Kanarbik, director of the Tartu branch of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia.

Taking into account involvement as an applicant or partner in all of the projects to which support has been allocated, the most active participants in the programme are public administration agencies in Finland (19%), Sweden (16.3%) and Norway (16%). Support was granted to cooperation projects in such areas as education and research, the social sphere, law enforcement and local and regional development, and many others.

A good example of a project implemented with the support of the programme is one carried out in 2016 by Hugi Ólafsson, Director General of the Department of Oceans, Water and Climate of the Icelandic Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources, to study climate change administration in Estonia and Latvia. Ólafsson said: “For a small country like Iceland it is imperative to maximise results with minimal effort and resources, and look for best practices in this regard. Like I stated in my application, I thought that Latvia and Estonia might be ideal for study in this regard, as they are relatively small (while bigger than Iceland!) and have therefore similar challenges as we do, plus they have experience with EU rules that Iceland plans to incorporate in the next 1-2 years. In short, the project surpassed my high expectations. I was warmly received and given good access to experts and answers to all my questions. I am most happy!”

The Mobility Programme supports the study visits and network meetings of officials and other public sector workers, thereby contributing to cooperation between the Nordic countries and Baltic States at the level of ministries, regional offices and local governments. Grants are issued to projects which involve public sector partners from at least three NB8 countries. The programme covers up to 60% of the applicable costs of a project, which can include travel and accommodation expenses and daily allowances.

Further information is available on the programme’s website.

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Madis Kanarbik

Madis Kanarbik

head of Tartu branch office

ph: +372 742 36 25
mobile: +372 50 46 570
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