Estonian public servants most active applicants in Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme

Thursday, 07 June 2018

The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration has allocated a total of 262,539 euros in support to 49 projects in 2018. The largest amount allocated to a single project was 9000 euros, while the smallest was 1267 euros.

The programme received 53 applications for 2018 to a total value of 335,059 euros. The highest number of applications came from Estonia (22) followed by Lithuania (18) and Latvia (12). Over the coming year up to 312 public servants from many different sectors in the Nordic countries and Baltic States will be taking part in the projects to which support was allocated.

“Since each project has to involve partners from at least three countries, all of the Nordic countries and Baltic States are well and evenly represented,” said programme coordinator Madis Kanarbik, director of the Tartu branch of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia.

Taking into account participation as both an applicant and partner as a proportion of all projects receiving support, the most active participants in the programme are public service agencies from Finland (17.6% of all projects), Sweden (15.9%) and Norway (14.2%). Support was allocated to cooperation projects in such areas as education and research, the social sphere, law enforcement and the development of public administration.

One example of a project carried out with the support of the Mobility Programme is Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education chief specialist Ina Šeščilienė’s 2017 study of the experiences of agencies assessing the quality of higher education in the Nordic countries in their analysis of various higher-education evaluation models in Denmark, Finland and Norway. Ina Marija Šeščilienė: "The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme met (or it is better to say - exceeded) our expectations - Lithuanian Agency developed and enhanced professional relations with three relevant Nordic Agencies, we shared our experience and we got a lot of examples that we consider for the further improvement of our work. The project resulted in increased visibility of Nordic-Baltic cooperation, increased quality and involvement in the Nordic-Baltic cooperation. The project fostered experience exchange on best practices of quality assurance in Baltic-Nordic Higher Education Area. The project facilitated harmonisation of data collection and statistical methods used in analytical reports of all relevant Agencies. The enhanced bilateral relations among the Agencies give a long-term perspective in efficient, effective and extensive co-operation among Lithuanian (and other Baltics) and Nordic quality assurance agencies in higher education." 


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