Report: Trust – Nordic Gold. A look into the Nordics´ greatest natural resource

Friday, 14 September 2018
Street-side stand for eggs and strawberries with no vendor, operating on a system of trust Street-side stand for eggs and strawberries with no vendor, operating on a system of trust

The level of trust people have in one another in the Nordic Region is globally unique. A report by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Secretariat outlining the importance of trust for good economics, low levels of crime, and happiness is currently the subject of considerable attention both in the Nordic region and in Europe.

The report is available in English, Russian, Danish and Swedish.

The report Trust – The Nordic Gold surmises that trust is the resource that has generated the most value in the Nordic society.
“Trust is a goldmine for the Nordic societies. If we didn’t have this level of social trust, we would have far greater levels of control and bureaucracy in the Nordic Region than is currently the case,” said the Secretary General to the Nordic Council of Ministers Dagfinn Høybråten in an interview with Sveriges Radio.

The whole of the Nordic model is built on mutual trust between authorities and citizens. Political co-operation in the Nordic Region has a unique degree of transparency and has helped to forge close ties between the Nordic countries. Such transparency at government level is possible because the Nordic region has the highest level of social trust in the world. Quite simply, the Nordics trust one another to a greater extent than the global norm.

The intention of this report is not to present a comprehensive review of current research in this area, but rather to stimulate discussion. Come, think alongside us and join the discussion!

Read the full report here.

Read more on the topic of Nordic trust at the Nordic co-operation website


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