Labour market integration of newly arrived immigrants. Study visit to Finland 20-23 November and seminar in Tallinn 3 December 2018

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

During the autumn 2018 the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in partnership with the Johannes Mihkelson Centre, the UNHCR Regional Representation for Northern Europe and the Ministry of the Interior of Estonia are arranging a study visit and a seminar of practitioners in the field of integration of newly arrived migrants to labour market. These activities are part of the Nordic-Baltic cooperation project “Nordic-Baltic Co-operation on Challenges of Immigration and Integration of Refugees 2018-2019” initiated by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The partners of the project are also the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia and the Estonian Unemployment and Insurance Fund.

Successful labour inclusion of third country nationals (tcn) is one of the major challenges in Europe today. This process does not occur automatically and it is widely recognized that successful labour inclusion requires long-term strategies that address the multi-dimensional aspect of integration starting with reception and followed by socio-economic rights and policies, legal framework, urban policy, multi-level governance and many other areas.

Estonia, like other Nordic and Baltic countries consider it important to develop policies that reduce socio-economic inequalities and address current and future challenges related to demographic changes, migration, labour shortages. Estonia as other Nordic and Baltic countries has recently received a number of beneficiaries of international protection who face particular challenges, which require more tailored approaches. The Nordic-Baltic project 2018-2019 on immigration and integration of refugees offers a ground for exchange of experiences and hands-on approach for addressing existing challenges related to several issues connected to migration and integration.

This initiative aims at fostering the development of a more coherent strategy to ensure successful labour inclusion of third country nationals. Through the seminar held in Tallinn 3 December and the study visit to Finland 20-23 November in 2018, Estonian practitioners, authorities and other project partners will get the opportunity to exchange and deepen their knowledge on a number of issues, including existing policies and strategies that address main challenges in this area, incentives and practices targeting and supporting employers, and the role of the civil society. Ultimately, the project is expected to boost the coordination among all key stakeholders working for the inclusion of third country nationals in the receiving societies.

The main focus areas of the study visit and seminar are:
• Multi-level governance
• Identifying and verifying tcn’s skills
• Developing skills for job-readiness
• Navigating the administrative framework
• Matching talents with employers’ needs
• Providing equal opportunities in recruitment
• Providing employers with sufficient information



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