Funding scheme for cooperation between Nordic and Baltic civil servants will be open for applicants in January 2019

Friday, 04 January 2019

The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration will be open for applications from civil servants and other staff in the public sector from 15 January 2019. The next deadline for submitting applications is 30 March 2019. There is one application round per year.

In order to obtain funding, your project should involve partners from at least three countries: Nordic applicants should visit a minimum of two Baltic countries, while Baltic applicants should visit partners in at least two Nordic countries.

Why apply?

  • Your colleagues in other Nordic and Baltic countries have ideas, plans and experiences worth discovering and discussing with partners.
  • Applying and reporting is easy and user friendly – all can be done online at NB8-Grants.

Results from 2018

69 applications from the Nordic-Baltic region were approved for grants with a total budget of 364274 EUR in 2018. A total number of 435 civil servants are participating in the projects granted by the mobility programme.


Marianne Tiigimaa, Head of HR Division at the Office of the Prosecutor General of Estonia, applied for funding for a group study visit to Prosecutor`s Offices of Finland and Denmark in spring 2018. The main objective of the project was to arrange study visits from Estonia to Prosecutors Offices in Copenhagen and Helsinki, in order to promote experience exchange on best practices and cross-sectoral cooperation with Nordic counterparts.

Marianne Tiigimaa: „As the result of the project, the civil servants from Estonian Prosecutor's Office became acquainted with the functioning of the prosecution authorities of two other Nordic countries - Finland and Denmark. The study visits provided officials with new ideas and information for enhancing and developing daily work. The exchange of experience with the Nordic countries was an inspiring experience that enabled to find innovative solutions in the field of daily work. As the results of the project, new contacts were made, with whom to develop further cooperation, colleagues from Finland and Denmark were invited to visit Estonia to develop our recently started cooperation.
This assignment was of great value to its participants, as it shed a lot of light on the countries’ differences and similarities, allowing both parties to learn from each other. The study visits produced practical benefit and ideas for continuing cooperation between Estonia, Finland and Denmark. The support services of our organization became more effective as a whole and the new ideas that our colleagues received will be put into practice in the daily work. The project resulted in achieving increased knowledge transfer for mutual benefit on all administrative levels, increased cross-sectoral cooperation, joint projects developed and/or other spin-off effects as a result of the programme. The project also helped to increase coordination of joint Nordic-Baltic utilisation of different EU funds and project financing.”

Applying is easy

  • The electronic application system at is open for applications from 15 January 2019.
  • Please read the guidelines carefully and start looking for project partners in good time.
  • Register or log in if you are already a user of the mobility programme and start filling in the application - please note that you can fill in the application step by step up to the deadline.
  • Do not forget to submit your application before the deadline - 30 March 2019 !

Madis Kanarbik, Programme Coordinator
Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia
Phone + 372 7 423 625
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Languages: English, Swedish, Estonian

About the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration

The programme offers grants for mobility and networking, the annual budget of the mobility porgramme, app. 300 000 EUR, is financed by all NB8 countries – Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. The purpose of the programme is to promote and strengthen cooperation, exchange of knowledge, and networking between public administration structures on all administrative levels in the Nordic-Baltic Region. The programme aims to facilitate the harmonization of more efficient working methods in the public sector. The overall goal is to increase the global competitive power of the region.

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