Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration gave out 300,000 euros of grants

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Next year around 340 public sector employees from Nordic and Baltic countries will participate in cooperation projects that received grants from the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration in 2019. The amount of the grants of the mobility programme this year is ca 300,000 euros and it was divided between 54 projects. The biggest amount allocated to one project is €9,500 and the smallest amount is €1,000.

The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration received 65 applications for the total amount of 446,984 euros this year. The biggest number of applications was submitted from Latvia (28), followed by Lithuania (18) and Estonia (15). The mobility programme has been operating for 10 years and it has contributed significantly to the cooperation between Nordic and Baltic public sectors and has increased efficiency and the growth of the global competitiveness of the entire region.

“The quality of the submitted projects is very good. All of the projects aim at further developing the high level of public sector cooperation in the Nordic and Baltic region,” said programme coordinator Madis Kanarbik, director of the Tartu branch of the Estonian office of the Nordic Council of Ministers. “All Nordic and Baltic countries are very well and equally represented in the mobility programme, as partners from at least three countries must participate in each project.”

Considering the participation in all projects that received grants as an applicant and a partner, the public authorities that participate the most actively in the programme with their projects this year come from Finland (18.2% of all projects), followed closely by Sweden (17.3%) and Latvia (16.4%). Grants were given to cooperation projects in the fields of law enforcement, social affairs, education and research, development of public administration and many others.

A good example of a project carried out with the support of the mobility programme is the cooperation network project carried out by Lithuanian police officer Inga Tamošiūnaitė in 2018 that involved police and emergency centre officers of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Iceland.

Inga Tamošiūnaitė: "The participants of the Nordic-Baltic network meeting shared the experiences of the Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Finnish and Icelandic management and structures of national Police and Police Command and Coordination Centres, discussed national specificities on response to the events, shared experiences on the latest technical and operational developments, reorganisations, on foreseen strategies related to the management of police forces, discussed specificities related to the respond to the events related to terrorism and fugitives, identified differences and took into consideration good practices related to the activities of Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Finnish and Icelandic national police as well as police command centres and its structure. The project resulted in strengthened cooperation within the Nordic-Baltic region by establishing contacts and networking, the paricipants discussed the importance of further cooperation activities within the Nordic-Baltic region. Good practice related to the structures and organisational solutions of national police, and best practice in the field of respond to the events related to terrorism and fugitives were taken into consideration."

Tamošiūnaitė added:  "The project highly contributed to the strengthened cooperation within the Nordic and Baltic countries in the field of police forces command while responding to the events/crimes as well as in the other solutions related to the management and respond of police. The Mobility Programme met our expectations to the high extent considering the fact that the main goals of the project were to strengthen cooperation of Police Command and Coordination Centres within the Nordic and Baltic countries by establishing contacts and networking, exchange of best practices."

 See the full list of projects that recieved funding.


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