Open seminars on existing vulnerabilities and special needs in the labour market

Monday, 07 October 2019
Open seminars on existing vulnerabilities and special needs in the labour market mostphotos

From 7th to 11th of October a group of Estonian civil servants and representatives of NGOs working with labour market inclusion and other integration measures visit different institutions in Sweden and Norway.

The main aim is to learn how labour market inclusion measures are linked to state integration strategies, the structure of the Swedish labour market and preferences of private sector, but also how these inclusion measures are connected to different available integration initiatives at nongovernmental and municipal levels. In addition, ways how vertical and horizontal coordination of available resources and initiatives is organized engaging refugees and immigrants as service designers, users and providers, is examined.

This study trip is followed by two international seminars – one in Tallinn (17th of October) and the other one in Tartu (18th of October). The seminars will be held in cooperation with UN Refugee Agency, the Nordic Council of Ministers` Office in Estonia, the Ministry of the Interior and NGO Johannes Mihkelson Centre.

Seminars will focus on intersectional cooperation to identify existing vulnerabilities and special needs in the labour market (particularly of beneficiaries of international protection and migrant women), available resources within the context of Estonian integration system and different labour market inclusion measures provided by stakeholders. It will give the possibility to learn how to initiate intersectional cooperation process from the very initial phase of developing individual labour market integration plans.

Experts from Estonia, Norway and Sweden will share their experience. Together with them we will discuss labour market integration of newly arrived immigrants in Estonia, and various support measures that could be implemented in the country, and the role of different parties - public, private and third sector in an ongoing process. During the seminars we will also discuss the topic of study migration, and labour market integration and the overall situation of international students, who have made a decision to stay and work in Estonia. There will also be a moderated discussion with representatives from the side of newly arrived immigrants/ international students and local employers who will be able to share their experience and have an open discussion on the topic of labour integration.

From Sweden, our guest speaker is Anna-Maria Lundkvist-Monroy (Norrbotten County Administrative Board, Social Sustainability Unit) and from Norway it is Jens Lunnan Hjort (Norwegian Directorate for Integration and Diversity).

Both seminars are free of charge and in English.

The seminar in Tallinn will take place on Thursday, 17th October 10:00-17:00 in the Unemployment Insurance Fund's Tõnismägi Office, seminar room (Endla 4). Seminar programme in Tallinn.

Tartu seminar will take place on Friday, 18th October 10:00-17:00 in Tartu Nature House, large auditorium (Lille 10). Seminar programme in Tartu.

Registration is open HERE.


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