Nordic Swan Ecolabel flying high in Nordic skies

Monday, 09 December 2019

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is turning 30. And it’s relevance has never been greater. It is of huge importance for 27 million consumers in the Nordic Region, as well as for the climate throughout the region.

In celebration of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s 30th birthday, the directors behind the scheme, Anita Winsnes, Ragnar Unge, Martin Fabiansen, Riikka Holopainen, and Elva Rakel Jónsdóttir have the following unanimous statement: “The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is for you, me, and all of us.” To this end, the directors have a request for us all: “Go out and live your swan story - it’s easier than you think.”

Anniversary report - 30 years of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Everyone can now read the history of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in an anniversary report: 30 Years of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – Anniversary report for the Nordic Ecolabel, written by Tormod Lien. The report takes the reader back to 1893 and the very first products with the Swan label. It then takes us through the history of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel from 1989, when the Nordic Council of Ministers introduced a harmonised voluntary labelling scheme.

An environmental guide for 27 million people

Now in its 30th year, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is now fully fledged and its existence is hugely important. It guides producers and consumers towards making environmentally friendly choices that also benefit them. Furthermore, it contributes specifically to reducing climate emissions, reducing the consumption of resources and substances that are harmful to health and the environment, as well as to strengthening biodiversity throughout the Nordic Region.


Read the full report here.


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