Funding scheme for cooperation between Nordic and Baltic civil servants will be open for applicants in January 2020

Friday, 20 December 2019

The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration will be open for applications from civil servants and other staff in the public sector from 15 January 2020. The next deadline for submitting applications is 30 March 2020. There is one application round per year.

In order to obtain funding, your project should involve partners from at least three countries: Nordic applicants should visit a minimum of two Baltic countries, while Baltic applicants should visit partners in at least two Nordic countries.

Why apply?

  • You and your colleagues in Nordic and Baltic countries have ideas, plans and experiences worth discovering and discussing with partners
  • Applying and reporting is easy and user friendly – all can be done online at NB8-Grants

Results from 2019

54 applications from the Nordic-Baltic region were approved for grants with a total budget of 299 971 € in 2019. A total number of 338 civil servants are participating in the projects granted by the mobility programme during 2019/2020.

The projects are quite evenly distributed between all the participating NB8 countries represented in the mobility programme. The statistical results of all participating countries in projects financed by the programme in 2019 are following (numbers behind the name of the country show in how many projects the country is participating in 2019):

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The Cross-Sectoral Coordination Center of Latvia (CSCC) applied for funding in 2019 for a project with an aim of developing an early prevention system for supporting children’s social and mental wellbeing, and better learning outcomes. Project Leader, Consultant of CSCC Dace Valte-Rancane: “During the project three study visits were arranged from Latvia to Norway, Denmark and Finland. Firstly, the project provided perfect spirit-lifting and team-building opportunity for the whole working group; secondly, involved experts benefited from this experience exchange due to chance to see wider picture beyond own area of expertise; thirdly, the CSCC verified the model by competent international organizations and foreign national authorities, and saw that other countries are also moving towards multi-dimensional approach in aging society due to efficiency and economy considerations of financial and human resources, and they are just a step ahead.
This mobility project has provided an opportunity to highlight the best practices and create space for exchange of evidence-based solutions for facilitation of public mental health and performance improvement.
The project has promoted collaboration among experts form very different branches and with wide range of competences in planning and coordination of health care, welfare, education and social support systems, as well as practitioners from Latvia and partner countries - Norway, Finland and Denmark. The scope of project is one of politically prioritized areas among all Baltic and Nordic countries taking into account that Baltics, Nordic countries and many more countries are struggling with demographic challenges, and mental health of family plays very important role in this process.“

Applying is easy

  • The electronic application system at is open for applications from 15 January 2020
  • Please read the guidelines carefully and start looking for project partners in good time
  • Register or log in if you are already a user of the mobility programme and start filling in the application - please note that you can fill in the application step by step up to the deadline
  • Do not forget to submit your application before the deadline - 30 March 2020


Madis Kanarbik, Programme Coordinator
Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia
Phone + 372 7 423 625
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Languages: English, Swedish, Estonian


About the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration

The programme offers grants for mobility and networking, the annual budget of the mobility porgramme, app. 300 000 EUR, is financed by all NB8 countries – Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. The purpose of the programme is to promote and strengthen cooperation, exchange of knowledge, and networking between public administration structures on all administrative levels in the Nordic-Baltic Region. The programme aims to facilitate the harmonization of more efficient working methods in the public sector. The overall goal is to increase the global competitive power of the region.


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