Nordic Council of Ministers awards 227 000 euros for support to minority language media in the Baltic states

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

The Nordic Council of Ministers announces the allocation of 227,000 euros for a total of 29 grants to advance efforts in development of minority language media in the Baltic countries.

“The objective of this program is to support integration of national minorities in local society, and to enable all citizens to actively engage in political decisions and public debate" says Christer Haglund, Director of the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Estonia.

Funding was awarded on an application basis and given to independent journalistic production in minority languages. Support was provided to eight projects in Estonia to a total sum of 63 688 euros.

“The media of national minorities play an important role in supporting democracy and integration and at the same time preventing the spread of disinformation" says Christer Haglund.

The program received 83 funding applications (33 from Lithuania, 35 from Latvia, 15 from Estonia), of which support was provided to 29 projects (10 from Lithuania, 11 from Latvia, 8 from Estonia).

The support to the media in the Baltic countries by the Nordic Council of Ministers have so far followed three parallel paths. These are training of journalists, media literacy for young people, and funding of independent media production. In addition to these, the Nordic Council of Ministers has supported program production for the Russian language TV-channel ETV+ in Estonia since it was launched in 2015.

List of approved projects in Estonia 2020

  • Nadežda Giritš (freelance journalist). “Pärnu Elegy (58 min)”. A documentary film about David Samoylov, known as one of the most notable representatives of the War generation of Russian poets, in celebration of his 100 years anniversary.
  • Novaya Gazeta — Baltics. “Video explainers”. A series of short videos for young readers on investigations, controversial reforms, important economic trends and political changes.
  • Kultuuritahvel NGO. “Publishing the newspaper Vestnik Tartu”. Project aims to continue publishing and improvement of Vestnik Tartu newspaper.
  • MK Estonia newspaper. “New Faces of Estonia”. A series of web stories about people who have recently come to Estonia and have problems with integration or defending their rights.
  • IDA Radio. “Involving Russian speaking community in Estonia on IDA Radio”. A series of regular radio shows with Russian speaking music and culture community representatives.
  • Põhjaranniku Kirjastus. “They make the future”. A series of articles highlighting outstanding people in Ida-Virumaa county and the city of Narva.
  • Prospekt-Media. “School of the future”. A series of articles on the most urgent challenges of modern education in Estonia.
  • NGO Estonian Institute. “40 stories about Estonian culture”. A series of web stories on Estonian culture and cultural events aiming to integrate Russian speaking people into society through the culture.

More info:

All awarded projects in the Baltics.


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