ReGeneration 2030 summit in Tallinn - New ways to meet in different times

Thursday, 06 August 2020

ReGeneration 2030 online summit will take place in Tallinn on August 20th to 21st at Hotell Schnelli seminar rooms. The purpose of the summit is to give support to young people from the Nordic and the Baltic Sea region who are engaged in UN Sustainability Goals. This year the focus will be on SDG 17 - partnership for the goals.

Partnerships for the goals - We are all in the same boat

We have 10 more years to find solutions to reach the United Nations' 2030 Agenda! For this to happen, we need everyone to be onboard and raise their voice. For this year's summit we have chosen SDG 17 as the theme and we will be working on on how to build strong partnerships and fostering collaboration. The main idea will be to support YOU with tools and ideas to start taking action in your local community because we think that you are the expert on what challenges are the biggest ones in your country.

„COVID-19 has meant a lot of change for most of us. We can’t do the things we had planned, and we must rethink how we can come together, have meaningful discussions and still, maybe especially during these times, foster the mindset and excitement for change “, says Stinne Friis Vognæs, communication officer for ReGeneration 2030.

This year's summit will therefore be a combination of online and local hubs. ReGeneration still wants to ensure that the summit has a regional touch and that the participants from the whole region meet, which will be possible online.

„We want to make sure you get to meet like-minded people and start acting right away, which is why we have created the physical, local hubs where you can meet some others physically in your country/City “, says Stinne Friis Vognæs.

The summit will give the participants a chance to meet like-minded people, learn more about capacity building and participate in workshops regarding different SDGs. There will also be some inspiring cultural events. The main target participants for the digital Summit are young people, 15-29 years old, of the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions.

This year will be a very different kind of Summit compared to what we had imagined. It will be an experiment and we are looking for the young people who are up for this experiment and excited to be part of something new and build momentum for a youth movement in our region. We hope to see you in one of our hubs or online!


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