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Wednesday, 04 August 2021

Five Wednesdays and five comedy pearls - ETV2's Nordic Film Month, which starts on August 4, will bring feelgood films from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway. All films will be shown on TV for the first time, and many of the films Estonian audiences have not even seen in cinemas.

The Nordic Film Month is taking place  in co-operation with ETV2, the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia (NCM) and the embassies of Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden in Estonia.

According to the NCM cultural adviser Andra Heinat, the project is a continuation of last year's successful film month: "It tends to be so, that when people think about Nordic films, TV- series or books, the first thing that comes to mind is Nordic noir- gloomy murder stories, dark subjects and broken people. With this years Nordic Film Month, we want to show the other and brighter side of Nordic creation. The comedies, which will be screened in August, are a pleasant and witty break to this difficult year."

Five films from 5 Nordic countries will be screened during the film month. All films will be screened on ETV2 on Wednesdays at 9.30 pm and can be rewatched on the web channel

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    The Cake General ("Tårtgeneralen", Sweden 2018),  Filip Hammar, Fredrik Wikingsson 

    4th august at 21.30

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    Based on a true story, the directorial debut of Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson, The Cake General is a quirky comedy set in the 1980s about an eccentric resident of the so-called "the most boring town in Sweden" who decides to put his quiet provincial town on the map by assembling the world's longest sandwich cake. A story of personal fulfillment and resilience,

    The Cake General also stands as the tale of a community coming together to prove that no person or group of people should be cast as irrelevant. Former television comedy hosts Hammar and Wikingsson based the film on a true story. Their film is a warm and heartfelt tribute to people who live non-conventional lives and try to have a meaningful existence, no matter how strange it may seem to others.

    1311 NayrCorreiaIbrahim

    Food Club ("Madklubben", Denmark 2020), Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg 

    11th august at 21.30

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    Marie recently found herself abandoned on Christmas Eve by her husband and has been falling apart ever since. Berling has been the eternal “bacherlorette” who outwardly denies her age and lives the sweet life, all seems perfect until we find out about her complicated relationship with her daughter. Vanja is still living in the past and has never been able to move on from her late husband. The three life long girlfriends decides to travel to Italy together to attend a cooking course in Puglia and here they each find the opportunity to redefine themselves and acknowledge that the most important thing in life is their friendship and that it’s never too late to live a more fulfilling life.

    1311 NayrCorreiaIbrahim

    The Games People Play ("Seurapeli", Finland 2020), Jenni Toivoniemi 

    18th august at 21.30

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    A comedy about the tragedy of being forever young featuring a star-studded ensemble of Finnish talent, Games People Play follows old friends on the edge of turning 40 who reunite for a long summer weekend packed with unsettled love and unforgiven wrongs.

    Eight friends gather to celebrate Mitzi’s (Emmi Parviainen) surprise birthday party over a nostalgic weekend at an idyllic Finnish seaside villa - just like they used to do as teenagers. Despite being well-intentioned, the party gets off to a bad start immediately, as the birthday girl is not so pleased about the surprise.

    But when Mitzi’s glamourous best friend Veronika (Laura Birn, also starring in Helene) brings along her new boyfriend Swedish Hollywood actor Mikael (Christian Hillborg, Fleabag, also starring in A Piece of My Heart), old rivalries are triggered amongst these hip thirty-somethings. Familiar surroundings and old rituals get to the core of the group and make them forget their adulthood, while revelations make them reassess their past as well as their present. In this festival highlight, debut director Jenni Toivoniemi sketches an ironic portrait of a generation torn between their desires for love and their career plans.

    1311 NayrCorreiaIbrahim

    The Last Fishing Trip ("Síðasta veiðiferðin", Iceland 2020), Thorkell S. Hardarson, Orn Marino Arnarson 

    25th august at 21.30

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    A breakout box office hit in Icelandic cinemas, The Last Fishing Trip follows six friends (featuring The County’s Þorsteinn Bachmann) on their annual four-day fishing trip. Happy to leave their worries at home, their spirits are high, but the fact that a whole crate of wine bottles gets smashed as they arrive at their weekend cottage is a bad omen for the stay.

    The fishing-for-salmon trip is really only a pretext to get away from their wives and to drink and eat in excess. But over the weekend, everything goes terribly wrong. The authority of their leader comes under question, and the filet mignon turns out to be horsemeat...

    In a country where attitudes towards nudity are very relaxed, the men think nothing of stripping down to their birthday suit for an icy dip, but that is not the only thing laid bare as jealousies between the friends and where they have ended up in life come to the fore. Unable to escape themselves, what was supposed to be a cosy fishing trip, quickly goes downhill.

    Directing duo Örn Marino Arnarson and Thorkell S. Hardarson put a The Hangover meets Sideways spin to this light-hearted comedy that pokes fun at men’s weekend-away rituals.
    1311 NayrCorreiaIbrahim

    Diana´s Wedding ("Dianas bryllup", Norway 2020), Charlotte Blom 

    1st september at 21.30

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    It’s July 29, 1981. In the majestic St Paul’s Cathedral in London, Lady Diana Spencer marries Prince Charles. The same day, another celebration takes place in the canteen of a Norwegian small-town factory. It’s the newly-weds Liv and Terje´s wedding party. In the pram lies their new-born daughter, Diana, who, like her famous namesake, will be facing a lot of chaos in the years to come thanks to her parents. The wedding, and following years, are less glamorous than the royal counterpart, but indisputably much more fun. Through the eyes of Diana, we witness the rollercoaster of her parent’s marriage. To her, they are the worst parents in the world. Miles away from doing a decent job, constantly fighting yet still in love by the time Diana is preparing for her own marriage 30 years later.


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