30 projects were granted funding from the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration in 2021

Tuesday, 14 December 2021
Brooke Cagle/ unsplash

31 applications were submitted to the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration in 2021, out of which 30 received a positive answer.

A total of 164 Nordic and Baltic public sector employees from various fields will participate in the co-operation projects that received support in 2021. The total amount of funding given out from the mobility program is 194,927 euros. Granted projects support the further development and efficiency of public sector co-operation in the Nordic-Baltic region.

All Nordic and Baltic countries are well and equally represented in the projects, as partners from at least 3 countries must participate in each project. The diagram provides an overview of the countries' participation in the mobility program as applicants and/or partners. PA graafik

The highest number of applications came from Estonia (12 applications), followed by Lithuania (10 applications), Latvia (7 applications), Sweden (1) and Norway (1). The total amount applied for this year was 217,629 euros.

Considering the participation in all supported projects by both the applicant and the partner, the most active public sector institutions participating in projects this year are from Sweden (19.2%), followed by Finland (16.3%), Estonia (14.4%), Denmark (12 .5%) and Lithuania (11.5%). Cooperation projects in the fields of culture and social affairs, education and research, local and regional development, law enforcement and many others were supported.

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2021 spring period: Statistics - NB8-Grants (nb8grants.org)
2021 autumn period: Statistics - NB8-Grants (nb8grants.org)

Contact information:

Madis Kanarbik, programme coordinator
Nordic Council of Ministers´ Office in Estonia
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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