Science based entrepreneurship – mission impossible?

Monday, 20 December 2021

In the new podcast of Nordic Council of Ministers’ Estonian Office – Science to Business – Nordic Dimension’ – we will try to answer the question on how to merge both science and entrepreneurship so that both would equally flourish and benefit each other.

‘Everyone in general agrees that both science and entrepreneurship are vital elements of welfare society. However as soon as we start the discussion about the knowledge based economy or deep tech entrepreneurship the common understanding and vision quickly start to evaporate, ’ says the host of the podcast, Vaido Mikheim, who is a project manager at Tartu Science Park.

The guests of the podcast will discuss how can we promote knowledge-based economy, how can we cope with global competition for solutions and talents and how can we support the emergence and growth of deep tech companies from Nordic-Baltic region and beyond. The aim of the discussion is to understand how to deal with practical issues in boosting the transition of science to business and challenges and opportunities related to it.

In the podcast Vaido Mikheim leads the discussion about the research-based entrepreneurship ecosystem with truly authentic experts who simultaneously walk the path of the scientist and that of an entrepreneur: Rainis Venta, Technology Transfer Expert of TalTech, Ivar Kruusenberg, CEO of PowerUP Energy Technologies, and Kärt Tomberg, CEO of ExpressionEdits; Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Cambridge.

The podcast is the eight in the English-language ‘Sustainable Nordic Economy’ series, which looks at what sustainable economic systems are based on and what role the circular economy and bioeconomy have to play in this.

The podcast is available on our Soundcloud page.

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