nublu and NCM Estonia joined forces

Thursday, 30 December 2021

Today, on 31st December, Estonia’s renowned pop artist nublu published the video to his new single “Vihje“, which has been done in cooperation with Finnish artist Mikael Gabriel and filmed in Lapland. Nordic Council of Ministers’ (NCM) Estonian office decided to support this video in order to spread the message about sustainable consumption and environmentally friendly decisions.

“Lapland was really good place to ponder about these topics. Its’ almost untouched beauty shows that our planet is a perfectly working ecosystem that should not be taken for granted,“ commented nublu.

“Talking about the environment has been a topic close to my heart for some time now, which is why I’m glad that NCM came on board with our crazy ideas. This planet is all we’ve got and we should treat it as our home, not as a business opportunity. Especially the natural beauty of the Nordics will be lost soon if we don’t change our ways, so if this video helps to make at least a few people think, I’m already happy,“ added Mikael Gabriel.

“While culture is something we often use to escape the reality we are facing, it is also a wonderful way to bring attention to topics we feel strongly about. Like present climate challenges, music also encompasses the entire planet – our culture, environment, society - everything we care about and wish to preserve”, said Christer Haglund, director of the Nordic Council of Ministers´ Office in Estonia.

“Musicians have platforms and the cultural clout that can inspire audiences in large numbers. We are very happy for the cooperation with such great artists like nublu and Mikael Gabriel who gave their voice to bring focus on such an important topic as our environment. We contacted them to discuss what all of us can do to improve the situation, rather than escape from it,” added Haglund.

“Given our industry’s exceptional reach, we have a unique opportunity and a responsibility to help artists and audiences engage with climate issues and raise the awareness of environmental challenges and sustainability. We truly appreciate the cooperation and partnership with Nordic Council of Ministers in making this project come true”, said Petri Mannonen, General Manager Baltic Region, Universal Music Group.


The video is filmed in beautiful Lapland and the main storyline is that Christmas has been turned into a commercial holiday where the focus is on producing and buying more things. At the same time, we usually don’t realize how our actions are harming the environment or even helping to exploit the children or the people who don’t get fair wages. Along with the music video a short “behind the scenes” documentary was produced where the artists, the director of the music video - Marta Vaarik, Santa Claus, and the representatives of UNICEF and Tallink are sharing their ideas about sustainable lifestyles and responsible consumption.

See nublu’s and Mikael Gabriel’s new music video “Vihje” here.

See the “behind the scenes” documentary here.

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