New video series focuses on women in war

Friday, 17 February 2023
Johanna-Maria Lehtme Johanna-Maria Lehtme Elena Belevantseva Photography and Videography

‘Women in War’ a series of eight documentaries with women of Ukraine, Russia or Baltics living in five Nordic countries and three Baltic countries. It is part of ‘People-to-People’ media project supported by The Nordic Council of Ministers and The Nordic Council. The author of the docuseries is Olga Jóhannesson.

The new episode of the ‘Women in War’ series focuses on Johanna-Maria Lehtme, chosen as the European of the Year, Citizen of the Year and Woman of the Year, and her self-sacrificing work in helping Ukraine.

Johanna-Maria Lehtme is a founder of Slava Ukraini MTÜ - an NGO which delivers medical supplies and humanitarian aid to the worst-hit areas and battlefields of eastern Ukraine. They are the only humanitarian initiative which goes to the places under the heavy bombings, helping Ukrainian in the most need, as well as Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines.

The video was filmed in November 2022 in Tallinn by Elena Belevantseva.


Watch the other videos from the series here.

Women in War Estonia 24 of 25

Johanna-Maria Lehtme and Olga Jóhannesson.

Photo: Elena Belevantseva Photography and Videography

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