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One the one hand, creative enterprising is artistic creation, added value; on the other hand, it's still business aimed at making profit and being productive. Creative entrepreneurs also want their business activities to put bread on their tables and roofs over their heads whilst providing an outlet to their inner creativity. That's where a problem often appears: how do you combine creativity and business? Both of them are highly time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Successful creative entrepreneurs are worth their weight in gold for countries and regions. They produce something exciting and strengthen identity whilst also creating new jobs and bringing money to the state. That's why it's important to help artists, designers and other creative people to develop into creative entrepreneurs. We create an environment where people can share their success stories and concerns, introduce creative enterprise trends, and create cooperation networks that are priceless for small countries like the Nordic countries and the Baltic States.

The circle of topics is big: starting with business activities from an idea that works until the establishment of a company, marketing, financing, entering foreign markets, business models, increasing competitiveness, etc.

Since 2013 we've been cooperating with the Finnish Institute in Estonia and Creative Estonia in organising short seminars that inspire creative industries.

In the autumn 2015 we organised a Nordic-Baltic creative industries financing forum 'Is investment in the creative industries gambling?' that focused on on improving product development, innovation and export capacity in creative companies by finding financing opportunities. We asked how could creative start-ups involve investments more skilfully and help the public sector to understand the needs of creative industry when designing their products.

Photos from the events can be viewed in our pictures gallery.

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