Cybercation 2023 speakers

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Date: 11 November 2023
Time: 9:30am - 5pm
Venue: Tartu University Academic Sports Club (Ujula 4, Tartu, Estonia)
Language: English


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Anett Numa

Head of Government Relations, Accelerate Estonia

Anett Numa will be the moderator of Cybercation 2023.  

As the Head of Government Relations and Communications at Accelerate Estonia, Anett is responsible for fostering strong partnership between the government and private sector to drive innovation and digitalization as its fullest. With her background as a Cyber Defence Policy Adviser at the Ministry of Defence of Estonia, she brings a unique perspective to her current role, having extensive experience in shaping policy and promoting collaboration between countries to address and tackle cyber threats. 

Previously, she worked as a Digital Transformation Adviser at the e-Estonia Briefing Centre, where she advised governments worldwide on Estonia's success in this area. Through this role, Anett gained a deep understanding of the importance of innovation and digitalization in creating a better future for all.  

Her specialities lie in cyber defence, innovation, digitalization, and building better collaboration between the public and private sector. Anett is passionate about using her expertise to help create a more interconnected and efficient society. With her diverse background and experience, she is committed to using her knowledge to make a positive impact in the world.

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Maria Gratschew

Director of Nordic Council of Ministers' office in Estonia

Maria delivers a welcoming speech.

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David Olgart

Director of Cybercampus Sweden

David Olgart has more than 25 years of experience from working with cybersecurity, risk management, as well as capability and business development. He has held several positions in the Swedish defence sector, both in government authorities as well as a consultant in the private sector. The last few years he has worked closely together with academia, as the Swedish Armed Forces' coordinator for research and development activities regarding cyber defence.  

David holds a M.Sc degree in Computer Science from KTH and is a Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Engineering Corps, reserve.

Lauri Tankler

Lauri Tankler

Head of R&D Coordination, head of NCC-EE, Estonian Information System Authority (RIA)

As head of the Research and Development Coordination at the Estonian National Cybersecurity Center, Mr. Tankler has been deploying the National Coordination Centre activities under the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre, in Estonia.  

A former journalist and teacher, he has been analysing cybersecurity threats, engaging in the international cooperation at RIA, focusing on the cybersecurity of election technologies and raising public awareness on cyber threats for the last five years through trainings, media appearances and ad campaigns.

Mihkel Tikk

Mihkel Tikk

Deputy Commander at Estonian Defence Forces Cyber Command (Estonia)

Mihkel Tikk's main areas of responsibility are Cyber and ICT operations and capability development. Previously Mr Tikk was Director of Cyber Policy and Information Technology Department at the Estonian Ministry of Defence.  

In addition to the development and implementation of cyber security and defence related policies, he also coordinated information security management throughout the MoD's area of administration, including the Estonian Defence Forces. He was the representative of Estonia in various NATO and EU committees and at the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.

Peer Kristensen

Peer Heldgaard Kristensen

Director of Security Tech Space (Denmark)

Peer is an expert in Stakeholder management and heads Security Tech Space, which is a new consortium for Cyber Security in Aarhus Denmark.

Bodil Ellen Grodem

Bodil Ellen Grødem

Teacher of Basic Cyber and Information Security and a Project Manager, NTNU CCIS (Norway)

Bodil is participating in the panel "Gamification in Cybersecurity: Examples and Challenges in gamified hacking".  

Bodil is a project manager for a pilot project in Norway on cyber security in secondary schools "How to design a framework for training course addressed to VET teachers and tutors?".

Kriset Laiuste

Kriset Lisette Margareth Laiuste

Student at Tartu Tamme Gymnasium (Estonia)

Kriset is participating in the panel "Gamification in Cybersecurity: Examples and Challenges in gamified hacking".  

Kriset has been interested in programming and cyber-security since she first used a computer. As Kriset is a girl, she wasn't taught how electronics worked, so she taught herself. Today, she has taken part in many programming events and Olympiads.

Pilleriin Sillakivi

Pilleriin Sillakivi

Student at Tartu Tamme Gymnasium (Estonia)

Pilleriin is participating in the panel "Gamification in Cybersecurity: Examples and Challenges in gamified hacking".  

Pilleriin is girl from a remote place in Southern of Estonia, who grew up with a computer as a best friend. Now she is studying IT and developing her skillset.

Alfhildur Leifsdottir

Álfhildur Leifsdóttir

Tech Instructional Coach and Teacher, Árskóli (Iceland)

Álfhildur is participating in the panel "Gamification in Cybersecurity: Examples and Challenges in gamified hacking".  

She is a teaching consultant at Árskóli and helps other teachers in changing teaching methods with technology. Álfhildur teaches programming in most classes as well as teaching students about digital citizenship. In addition, she takes care of all the school's equipment and all technical systems, e.g. Google G-suite, Jamf MDM etc.

Catlyn Kirna

Catlyn Kirna

Cyber Security Consultant, CGI Estonia (Estonia)

Catlyn is participating in the panel "Gamification in Cybersecurity: Examples and Challenges in gamified hacking".  

Catlyn Kirna is a cyber security consultant at CGI Estonia and the head of the children's cyber hygiene game Spoofy. Catlyn has also been teaching on different levels for almost 15 years. Catlyn's main interest is in children in the cyber world: what do they do, how can we help them and what can we learn from them.

Ryra Pirta Dreimane

Ruta Pirta-Dreimane

Senior Reseacher at Riga Technical University (Latvia)

Ruta is participating in the panel "Gamification in Cybersecurity: Examples and Challenges in gamified hacking".  

Ruta is a senior researcher and educator at Information Technology institute of Riga Technical university. She has over 15 years pf IT industry experience, 8 years teaching and research experience. Her research interests focus on information security, cybersecurity education and enterprise architecture.

Aare Reintam

Jarkko Ainsoo

Customer Success Manager, Cybexer Technologies (Estonia)

Jarkko says about himself: "My mission is to sprinkle happiness among our clients! I captain a merry band of joy-bringers, and together, we work our magic to ensure that we turn the frowns caused by technical issues and questions into smiles!".

Jean Arnold Vinois

Mario Mäeots

Digital Content Developer and Trainer, CTF TECH (Estonia)

Dr. Mario Mäeots has a background in both researching and teaching digital pedagogy, digital competencies, and cybersecurity competencies. He has experience in creating teaching and learning material at all educational levels. He is also a science teacher at Tartu Hansa School.

Iiris Potisepp

Iiris Tuvi

Science fellow at Tartu Univeristy (Estonia)

Dr. Iiris Tuvi is experienced research fellow in cognitive neuroscience and also in digital experiences of youth and digital education. She has participated in two pan-European Horizon 2020 projects as a representative of Tampere University and is currently leading a research project that is focused on factors that motivate females to study cybersecurity.