Cultural ties between the Nordic countries and Estonia

Johannes Jansson/ Johannes Jansson/ Johannes Jansson/

Promoting the shared culture and values of the Nordic countries has been one of our primary objectives since we opened our office in Tallinn in early 1991. Much has been said in Estonia about how the people here feel like a Nordic nation. And indeed Estonians do have a lot in common with their northern neighbours, including many shared values – but at the same time there is always something new and exciting to discover in the familiar.

We have organised some very successful festivals – shining the spotlight on literature, poetry, cinema and more – as well as finding partners, bringing in performers from the Nordic countries and providing information about Nordic and Baltic support schemes.

Nordic Library Week, which brings a little light into the dark winter nights of early November, has become one of our most eagerly awaited annual events. We have also turned more attention in recent years to areas in which our cultures and creative economies overlap.