Café Norden

This spring, the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia is launching an exciting new series of events going by the name Café Norden. Attendees will have the chance to discuss topical issues in an open and relaxed setting with guests from the Nordic countries. The get-togethers will be held at a range of cafés and other venues in Tartu, Tallinn and Narva.

The opening event in the Café Norden series will take place in Tartu at 9:00 on 17 May and mark Norwegian Constitution Day. The first Café Norden event in Narva will be held at 19:00 on 17 May at Kohvik No2 in the Vaba Lava theatre centre at Linda 2. The first Café Norden get-together in Tallinn is planned to be held at the Lindakivi Cultural Centre in Lasnamäe in autumn.

Keep an eye on upcoming meetings on Café Norden Facebook page.

The event’s visual, entitled ‘En kop kaffe’, comprises three intertwined symbols: a coffee cup from whose handle grows a heart motif, which in turn forms the cross depicted on the flags of the Nordic countries. Thus intertwined, they symbolise the love for Nordic society, culture and history enshrined in the series of events. Needless to say coffee will be offered at every get-together!
The logo was designed by Kristel Pallasma.