Literary mass: Eha valgus

Thursday, 27 April 2023

Himmel over Tallinn

Til Eha

Så blå som himmelen over Tallinn,
åttende mai, 2003
har jeg aldri sett en himmel...

L.S. Christensen

The idea to bring poetry into a sacred space came to Eha Vain after an experience she had at a church service in Åland, where the poetess Märta Tikkanen performed her poetry. Now we are pleased to invite you to the Swedish St. Michael's Church on May 26 at 6:00 p.m. to share the uplifting and unifying power of poetry.

The literary evening "Eha valgus" has drawn inspiration from the Nordic poetry festival held in 2004-2007, where hundreds of authors from the Nordics and the Baltics came before the Estonian audience. The Nordic Poetry Festival was one of the largest poetry festivals in Estonia and the Nordic countries, especially in terms of its geographical scope, the fame of the festival authors and the synthesis of poetry and other art forms. Inspired by this we will make poetry sound together with music also on May 26th.

Both translated poems and texts as well as original compositions from Estonia and the Nordic countries will be performed, all of which are connected into a single whole by beautiful musical interludes. The event is part of the HeadRead poetry festival, which will take place on 24-28 May in many places in Tallinn, and is dedicated to the long-term cultural advisor of the Estonian representation of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Eha Vain.

The title of the event "Eha valgus" means the light of twilight, but also highlights the personal light that Eha Vain shined on the people she met. 

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