A week of light in a season of darkness

Ane Cecilie Blichfeldt/norden.org Ane Cecilie Blichfeldt/norden.org Ane Cecilie Blichfeldt/norden.org

Just like in Estonia, the days are short in autumn and winter in the Nordic countries. Before television and computers, reading books aloud was a popular pastime on long, dark winter nights. At this, perhaps the gloomiest time of year, the League of Norden Associations and libraries throughout the Nordic countries organise Nordic Library Week, and have been doing so every year since 1997. Since 2018, the week is organized under the name of Nordic Literature Week. It is seven days of exhibitions, readings, book presentations and debates in libraries, schools and community centres in the Nordic countries and Baltic States.

Those in Estonia are welcome to take part in the event. For further information please visit the Nordic Literature Week webpage.

We are grateful for fruitful cooperation in organising Nordic Literature Week in Estonia to Estonian Librarian Association