Online meetings with Finnish author Joanna Nylund

Thursday, 09 December 2021

This December, Estonian students have the chance to meet Joanna Nylund, the author of the popular Finnish book “Sisu: The Finnish Art of Courage”, and her new book “Silence - Harnessing the restorative power of silence in a noisy world”. Virtual meetings take place 13.12 Tartu Tamme Gümnaasiumis and 17.12 Kiili Gümnaasiumis.

Sisu is a concept that refers to a combination of courage, endurance, determination, togetherness and doggedness: all characteristics which have shaped not only the destiny of Finland as a nation, but also the daily lives of its people. Linguistically, the concept of sisu can be defined as “stoic determination, endurance, courage, bravery, perseverance and resilience.” It’ is an "action-oriented way of thinking." You do not boast that you have sisu – you simply "let your actions speak for you".

"In a noisy world, silence is an increasingly depleted natural resource. But is silence more than just the absence of sound? And is there such a thing as absolute silence? Aside from external silence we also need silence within. What does that look like and how do we achieve it?”

Bestselling wellness author Joanna Nylund's “Silence - Harnessing the restorative power of silence in a noisy world” is a personal exploration of the possibilities of peace, tranquility and healing that can be found in those precious moments when sound is absent. Interlaced with scientific research, conversations with proponents and explorations of contemporary applications, “Silence” will inspire you to find new ways to incorporate this incredible healing tool into your life and show you how to maximize its benefits.

Joanna Nylund was born and raised in Finland. She launched her writing career as early as the age of 15 when she started penning music reviews for a local magazine. Joanna studied English literature at university and lived in the UK for some time after graduating. She has worked as a translator, journalist, content creator and photographer. At present, Joanna lives with her partner in Helsinki, where she writes articles for Finnish newspapers and magazines about culture, literature and history. Joanna also writes for the portal ThisIsFinland, which is run by the Department of Foreign Affairs of Finland, and SCAN Magazine.