Laura Ertimo

Laura Ertimo

Estonian readers will have the chance to meet with Finnish writer and geographer Laura Ertimo at the discussion evening “How to talk about complicated things in simple words?”. The meeting will take place on September 9th 17.30-18 at the Finnish Institute´s liberary (Ülikooli 11, Tartu). You can join the discussion both on the spot or online on the event´s Facebook page. The discussion will be held in Estonian and Finnish.

Five of Laura Ertimo´s children´s books have been published in Estonian. In those books she explains complex phenomena with the help of simple words, examples and illustrations. Keep a look out, because the sixth is coming!

Pre-schoolers are encouraged to discover the Earth and hidden worlds in the books “Where Are You?” (ill. Sanna Pelliccioni, translated by Anneli Veskimäe and Avita, 2020) and “Invisible World” (ill. Sanna Pelliccioni, translated by Luisa Tõlkebüroo, Avita, 2021).

The comic style book “Strange Weather!” (ill. Mari Ahokoivu, translated by Annika Vesi, Avita, 2020), helps both schoolchildren and adults understand the most important topic of our time - climate change.

Art lovers will be delighted by the wonderful illustrations in “Water. A book about the most important subject in the world” (translated by Kadri Jaanits, Tammerraamat, 2020) and “Night. A book about dreams and the secrets of darkness” (translated by Kadri Jaanits, Tammerraamat, 2021), which by the way was chosen in 2016. as one of the most beautiful books in Finland.

Ertimo has published a total of 15 works for children and the whole family which include works written in so-called everyday language or simplified language on the topics of Earth and climate change.

Laura Ertimo will be interviewed by Heidi Iivar. The conversation will take place in Finnish and Estonian.

It is also possible to buy Ertimo´s books published in Estonian on site.

The event is organized by the Finnish Institute. The event is supported by the Finnish Literature Information Center (FILI), the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia / Nordic Authors Crossing Borders program, Avita Publishing House, Tammerraamat.