Join us at an inspirational day and “Express Yourself”

Friday, 08 October 2021

Are you interested in or want to know more about storytelling and how to feel more comfortable on a stage? Are you a over 16 years of age? Then join us for an inspirational day on October 30th 10:00-18:00 at the Estonian LGBT Association (Kaarli pst 5–1, Tallinn) and discover new ways to express yourself! The activities will be led by Norwegian Author and SLAM!poet Martine Johansen and Estonian adult and youth educator Lee Jenner. Working language of the event is English.

Since the beginning of time, a story is the simplest form of a connection between humans. Telling our stories and hearing others stories enables us to see a situation from a different perspective and it can even shift our core beliefs when we come out of a story back into regular life.

Spoken word on the other hand is one of the most successful phenomena in contemporary literature, combining poetry, performative arts and improvisation. In this genre, anyone can become a creator-performer of poetry, and spoken word performances often become the first step towards professional creation of literature.

What binds them both together is the opportunity to tell your stories and enjoying literature in an interactive contemporary form.

The inspiration event “Express Yourself” is a collection of creative workshops taking place on October 30th at the Estonian LGBT Association (Kaarli pst 5–1, Tallinn). The day will start with an introduction by Estonian adult and youth educator Lee Jenner, who will give an overview of what is storytelling, how and where you can use this and how to start telling your own stories.

This will then be followed by a masterclass by Norwegian author and SLAM!poet Martine Johansen, who will help us put together a toolbox of knowledge on how to write and edit effectively, while tuning in to your strengths as a writer.

Martine Johansen is an author, lecturer and SLAM! / Spoken Word Poet from Oslo.

She debuted as a novelist in 2015 with “Hvite jenter kan ikke synge blues” (Translated: White girls can't sing the blues) and followed up with “Lykkelige mennesker har ikke bikkje” (Translated: Happy people don't have pets) three years later.
In 2019, she released “Den store SLAM!boka” (The Big book on SLAM!) together with co-author, Guro Sibeko. In 2020, her third novel was published, titled “Vi har ikke fire nye år” (Translated: We don't have four more years).
In addition to writing, she is a board member of the SLAM! Collective. As well as the editor of queer cultural magazine, MELK, which she started with Anna Nafstad in 2016, and in 2018 was expanded to a queer book publishing house called littMELK.

Lee Jenner is a youth and adult educator.

She has been active in the youth work field as a freelance non-formal learning trainer for about 10 years now. Lee loves to use aspects of storytelling in her creative approach to learning and teaching as she is a strong believer of the magic of people and the stories they tell. Lee is currently working at NordYouth which is one of the biggest youth organisations in the Nordic countries and is in the process of putting together her first poetry collection.

To create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone the number of participants is limited and preregistration is mandatory.

Please register to the event here.


Storytelling and Telling Our Stories – Lee Jenner

  • 10.00 Welcome & getting to know each other
  • 10.20 Introduction to storytelling
  • 10.45 Sticky Stories
    The stories we tell others about ourselves are a bit like labels we give to ourselves. They tend to be sticky. How do we present ourselves to the world? Which are the stories that „define“ us?
  • 11.15 Break
  • 11.30 Living Libraries
    We are all a collection of stories. This method allows us all to transform into books. Where better to go and read them then at the library?
  • 12.45 Conclusion of the Living Libraries method

13.00 Lunch

SLAM, Edit and Perform – Martine Johansen

  • 14.00 SLAM POETRY - Amplify your voice
    The goal of this workshop is learning how to edit effectively, improve delivery, and tune in to your strengths as a slam poet.
  • 15:15 Break
  • 15:30 Editing and performing
    Editing and performing is about maximizing the potential of your text. In other words: as a writer, knowing how to edit and perform your work is essential. We will do quick-edits, as well as look at structure, perspective, messaging, literary devices, and ways you can use your voice and body language to make your text stand out.
  • 17:00 Presenting and conclusions

* The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program if needed.

NB! In the interests of everybody’s health, we adhere to the restrictions established by the Estonian Government, i.e people participating in the event must have official proof that they have been fully vaccinated or have had and recovered from Covid-19 in the last 180 days.

The event is taking place in co-operation with the Nordic Council of Ministers´, Nordplus and the Estonian LGBT Association.